Nina Fabunmi
Jan 11, 2022
Trophie (trophy) painting by Nina Fabunmi

I made her out of my own hands

Juxtaposed her posture

Choreographed her composition

Her gesture, intentional

Lighting, drapery and skin

I formed her in black and white

And when she was ready I added color

I poured my emotions into her

That she may speak for many others and me

And when she was ready to go

The right man came along

He paid the price

And he took her home

And I felt nothing but contentment

I am the third creator

God hath endowed my hands

Blessed my heart

And garnished my mind

I have applied mimesis

And I have replicated his creation unto canvas

That she may be admired by the eyes that see her

Adored by whom she will be owned

And he shall make her his trophy


© Nina Fabunmi, original art also by Nina Fabunmi




Nina Fabunmi

Nina Fabunmi is an award winning artist, vast in multiple forms of creative expression & based in San Francisco California. Please visit