Waiting 4 Him

I recently began my NFT art journey on OpenSea . It has given me a new voice, one that I have been struggling to give an outlet.

I am mostly a traditional artist that makes physical art. I have delved into digital art in the past but was not sure exactly how I could share it with the world. And then, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. I was locked away from the world that I once knew, disconnected from my social life and struggling with emotions aroused by being distanced from loved ones and the grief of loss.

…… Somewhere in Polynesia

I met this lovely lady . We got talking and she aroused my curiosity. She was 60 years old and barely looked a day over 30. Single, happy and just coming into herself after years of a problematic marriage and a traumatic divorce.

60 and not a day over 30. I asked her what the secret was. When feeling sad or just down, she’d put on her noise cancelling headphones, block out the noise, connect with her music and just dance, dance and dance and dance. All would be forgotten and she would be transported…

When weary winds blow

When my space in infiltrated by that which I do not see

Its like the wind wandering into places no one dares to

You are in my head once again , uninvited

Like the wind that cracked the window open

I think of you, dream of you, wake up calling your name

And yet I sleep in an empty bed, craving you

Wondering if I am supposed to

The weary wind is blowing again

Tugging at my stubborn heart

Wanting that which it does not have

Meant to have or not

Once was but no more

He was tall, dark, and handsome with a smile that got you captivated. No sooner did he sweep you off your feet with his big personality. Your family fell in love with who he appeared to be. Soon you were wed, babies came, and a family was formed. But in between in all, the real him could not hide anymore.

You held on to what you thought was love and prayed that it will all get better but it didn’t. One day, you came to the harsh realization that he was never in love with you, he never loved you…

The city of Manaba had grown tremendously over the years. Once it had been branded by scanty structures and predominantly shabbily built bungalows. They lay in between bushes and trees, there was no modernization and its inhabitants lived a simple rural life. The air was always filled with laughter and a joy that came from the simplicity which characterized their lives. …

Fire burning me up

With just one touch

He took me places

Like I had a sudden rush of blood flowing through my veins

Waking up places I never thought existed

I begged for mercy

But forgiveness was never served

I was like a patient in need of medicine

Given in bitter sweet portions


The savor of that which is prohibited

One touch

I was hypnotized

I left my body there for him to deal with

And my spirit was transported to a world where feelings are like ice cream on a cone

Apples were falling from the tree…

The word narcissist is very new in her vocabulary. When she discovered it, she had an ‘Aha!’ moment. It was on point with its every description. That’s when she knew exactly what he was, a ‘narcissist’. She wondered how on earth she could have subjected herself to his treatment of her, and then she remembered the word ‘love’. But there are some things that even love cannot fix, like the character of a narcissistic husband…. you take it…. you take it…… until….. you can take it no more.

She came home after a long hard day at work. She had…

When I hear your voice

My body melts like butter on hot pancake

I wish you would take a bite and enjoy the taste of me

Can I use my words to lure you into my chambers

That we may climb to great heights

When plunged into each other, like a knot and a bolt

An unbreakable union, like blood flowing through a breathing heart

You give me life

Thats what your voice does to me

When I hear your voice

When I hear your voice

It cancels out the noise

I see you, though you are not here with…

This fantasy is mine

I reserve every right to it

And I deserve to feel the way it makes me feel

In my mind, you are mine

I wake up every morning lying next to you

You kiss me

You kiss me on my lips

You kiss me all over my body

You even kiss me in places that I did not know were kissable

There is no getting out of this bed

Until we are satisfied and fully fed

But we’ll never be satisfied and fully fed

Because the more we give to each other

The more we want…


She had lyme disease. She didn’t even know what that was until the doctor gave her the diagnosis. Scared, alone and afraid, she consumed the disappointing news. What would this mean for her life? ..… how would she cope? She wondered. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Only twenty three, alone and afraid. She crumbled the doctors note into her tiny purse and proceeded to leave the hospital.

She walked down the hallway completely in her head…. that was when she saw him. Their eyes met, but only for a brief moment, but that was enough to register…

Nina Fabunmi

Nina Fabunmi is an award winning creative, vast in multiple media and based in San Francisco California. For more please visit www.ninafabunmi.com

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